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Never Too Far

A Journey Home

Never Too Far is a self-funded photo book that will highlight the everyday experiences of my hometown, Prince Georges (PG) County, Maryland.

The photo book will consist primarily of my work, but will also include historical images that were taken in PG. The imagery within the book will range from photos that I've already taken in PG, along with illustrations that I created + other imagery that aligns with the body of work within Never Too Far



Never Too Far will highlight the range of black experiences and identity in Prince Georges County, Maryland.


Being one of the most affluent black communities in the country, it's very important to document the culture of PG – what has been and what's to come.  

Funding Costs


Printing Costs: $7,500

Publishing Costs: $4,250

Production Costs: $10,000

Archival Research: $4,500

Photo/Visual Art Work: $7,500

Direction + Design: $12,500

Misc. Costs: $4,000

Total: $50,250

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